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corina dragomir
[18.Apr.05 11:38]
perhaps we've come far enough not to raise the two (false!) issues of suffering and ability. plainly, they're not directly transmuted in the blues and therefore not necessarily essential to technical proficiency. however, the psychological relevance of the black man to the white man and what effect this has on the evolution of the blues reintegrates in an "ad-hoc paradise" allowing the artist to mirror the interracial issues with a higher understanding, not always shared by word of mouth in his day-to-day approach to life. moreover, blues, as expressed in the poem, reaches the peak of black cultural&social life seen through hooker's magnifying glass. congratulations for the minute observation and analysis of the blank-looking structure which the white's world imprinted through the passing of years. putting yourself in his shoes surely meant taking a backward flight.

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