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 =  drakness?
Radu Herinean
[03.May.05 10:23]
could it be darkness, and not drakness ??
not that it's not an interesting twist.

 =  .
corina dragomir
[03.May.05 16:36]
*you are the object that have nothing to do* (the 6th v) – subject-predicate disagreement with present simple tense – object that has…;
sticked – stuck (the 11th v) irreg.vb
labirint – labyrinth
farness – fairness

*the exterior limits of the God* - poor english conversion
*the same time who it takes you to mix* (*what* instead of *who* otherwise it doesn’t make sense/ symbols are inherently referential.)
seconds – seconds
sirup - syrup
outloud – separate words – out loud (e.g. jack’s pal laughed out loud)

 =  sry
Pop Serban Rares
[04.May.05 11:37]
just very bad english from very old time. i just wanted them here

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