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 =  good work
Veronica Valeanu
[30.Aug.10 20:25]
in conclusion: perception is the image's code, language too. it has to trigger. no matter our intentions, mirroring the initial code is what we receive back as a 2nd code. even if it's about realities or about arts.

well-written, thought-provoking and open. I appreciate your work.

the pictures are there. You are recommended to write down, underneath the references, the sources of the pictures.

 =  = Common understanding
Givemore Manyengawana
[08.Dec.10 16:59]
If language is the fabric of thought then perception is impersonal. industrialization,commercialization,corporations, influences individuals views of the world we exist. Even in this chaotic society i am impersonally at the mercy and prejudices of a web of languages.

That is a fantastic and passionate research. i have come to believe perceptions are not personal due to the nature of language in a compressed society.

Thank you

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