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Motoc Lavinia
[26.May.11 20:55]
I quite enjoyed it overall, although I think it deserves some rearranging.
An idea would be to take the first verse out, the reader doesn't need to know everything from the beginning. The idea has been exploited very well in contemporary poetry, which means you have got quite a lot to live up to.

 =  Olimpia
Luminita Suse
[30.May.11 03:14]
I liked it too. Lavinia is right, you have told us about the Alzheimer in the title. I also think that the following line needs to be revised:
"One and the same question,"
"The same question, over and over again"

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Sârb Olimpia
[30.May.11 18:10]
Dear Lavinia and Luminita, thank you for your pertinent comments. I have taken them into account, as you can see, though I believe this poem has, for this reason, three " godmothers" not one from now.

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