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Veronica Vãleanu
[18.Jan.12 20:53]
I have a strange sensation about this text, I don't know why. In spite of all the things that need improvement, I guess somewhere in the future the glimpse that you're having here about writing down and reaching out poetry can be transformed in a larger vision. with a little bit of work, of course.

keep up honing your skills.

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Veronica Vãleanu
[23.Jan.12 09:22]
welcome new member
sure, I got the whole picture/ but this literary community's rule require that everyone should submit texts& comments in English. therefore you should make a little effort, I am sure that this will help you even more.

I guess you were concentrated on the strategic map of rendering the message rather than on the vibration, the initial or the final one
that's why I know there must be more than meets the eye on this path
& that's why I will say no more about my perception unless it is confirmed that it can eventually be rendered with a human touch here
because maps are the body but they must foster the soul
and there must be a level higher than just seeing, as you mentioned
maybe putting back the soul into it

this is what I should expect, as a reader, from such a text
I am curious to read some more texts in the future, to see what your writing is in search of

also, it would help you a lot to give feedback to the others and be interactive on agonia


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