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 =  scattered diamonds...
Romulus Campan
[25.Dec.12 00:41]
"Which letters are the texture and the scent?"

There's always been a rather large part of me abhorring even the thought of materialism, with its absolutely idiotic conviction that everything we feel with our unseen, noble self is just some mathematically reducible combination of physics and chemistry, with Mensa societies as the epitome of IQ measurable sensibility...

I am so very sorry for being able of so little when it comes to poetry like this one of yours, of an intellectual and emotional complexity worth much more than mere words. Because as you said, how could anyone expect of me, to "translate" the transcendent turmoil caused by your poem, into letters? It's like expecting of a human to explain the glory of a god...

I'll return, because such a gem it's worth it...

Thank you GŁnsel,for thinking of us, those without all the decorations on our inner trees today, for leaving so generously a few of your spare jewels...

Can't help, but recommending it...

With all the best from Middle Earth.


 =  Humble I...
[25.Dec.12 02:24]
Dear rc

these are my true feelings. I and my husband are from this World and we love each other like a poem

thanks for labeling it as a gem

but please, please do not exagerate

Merry Xmas

 =  glittering sparkles:-)
Romulus Campan
[25.Dec.12 09:30]
Dear Gunsel,

You are most welcome!

But, as much as I would like to "not exaggerate" there are times when I can't! It's probably because the way you so beautifully express your love for your husband, is exactly how I feel for my beloved wife, in a world and times when true feelings have largely vanished. And further, I can't do anything with my "old school" critical style, where expression is learned to be shown to the heights and intensity of feelings generated by thoughts. Unfortunately, and to my shame, it's been quite a long time since I have contributed, this time being also one of very deep inner restructuring of values. If you combine this with what I perceive to be the wonderfulness of your poem, you can't get anything less than what I wrote.
I wish I could shy away saying, "yes, it's a bit exaggerated", but it's not, it's just the humble me, and the sometimes glittering style of what I write:-)

With the same best wishes,


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