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Corina Gina Papouis
[11.Feb.13 14:15]
*bathtub filled with jam perhaps? - or otherwise it becomes wishful thinking :p.

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Veronica Vãleanu
[12.Feb.13 09:08]
suggestion: [when I seduced a sergeant and shot a camel] instead of [when I seduced a sergeant and I shot a camel]

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Alina Maria Ivan
[12.Feb.13 09:28]
Thank you for your suggestions. I`ve applied them...

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Bodea Diana Mihaela
[12.Feb.13 15:37]
Hello, Alina. Good translation, yesterday I read your poem 3 or 4 times and today I found the Romanian version of Silvia and I must that your translation needs more work in order to fully surprise the essence and the message of Silvia s poem.
For example:
1. the original text used groznicia and your word for it is fearlessness which changes too much the meaning of the verse.
2. Silvia used jungla and you used world which again is too different from the original message.

I am aware of the fact that a translation can differ a little bit, but in my opinion there is a limit and that is the original idea of the text. Otherwise there is no point in the translation.

 =  In my opinion
Alina Maria Ivan
[15.Feb.13 18:11]
Dear Diana Mihaela,

I translate texts that really mean something to me. As you know, the point of a translation is to give the beauty of a text to readers who can not understand a certain language. I believe one should not keep the exact words or even keep all the lyrics.

1.I used "fearlessness" because the meaning really works in the context
2.I have not used a word for "jungla" because, in fact, I didn`t translate "jungla inversa", I had this feeling that is sounded better like this. A translated text often becomes a different text in a foreign language.


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