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 =  I like
Ottilia Ardeleanu
[25.Jan.14 21:56]
this image "gyrfalcons-cloud" and this expression: "my guilt is saltier than the fleur de sel you can extract by squeezing it".
I think that "inthere" should be: in there.

 =  .
Dely Cristian Marian
[26.Jan.14 03:10]
You know, Ottilia, it's like saying that you like my eyes, and it feels good for a blink...
The second point it's about a more personal touch.

 =  the day after...the life before
Corina Gina Papouis
[27.Jan.14 22:25]
I read this as the moment of dust settling over, when the feeling of: 'I wish this prediction didn't come true' comes true, followed by its step sister: regret.
I felt unsettled reading this as it has the magic of waking up the inner demon.

In my opinion, waking up any feeling/ emotion/ entity in poetry is the goal.
I love small poems with a big impact.

More, please!

 =  each
Dely Cristian Marian
[31.Jan.14 09:59]
yesterday uses scintillas to imbide silence
It doesn't matter how much water I drink
whether I eat iron and steel
Nature needs no preparings to strike
It's more like the one-erratic-armed meteorite
to me


 =  diamonds don't hold in iron...
Romulus Campan
[08.Feb.14 22:23]
You started absolutely stunning.
Core metaphor.
Ended up in poetry.
Great though...

Take care.


 =  sometimes a good verse can sink the poetry
ion a
[09.Feb.14 05:39]
i think Romulus is right, after such an uncompromising start, fading into lyricism kind of looks like a failure

postpone present
murder tears again

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