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+ Away, for eternity...
My only problem with your beautiful poems, is the length of time I have to suffer between them, waiting for them!

It is very rare for me to indulge in such effervescence of emotions.
This poem, dear Raj, bears all the fault, and behind it, like a magician of words, yourself.

I am of the old school of peotry, expecting a monumental end for any soul-searching poem. And when this happens, like with this jewel, I re-live each time what Pygmalion fell short of, the coming to life of his creation. Because, and I make no apologies, this IS what I feel: letters morphing into life-proving convulsions of a new-born soul, living away from the poet, for eternity.

Thank you Raj, you made my day!


 =  weight of a ring
raj thampi
[30.Jul.23 15:07]
I kept a ring with me for almost 20 years and came to copou park hoping that, can get rid of the weight of it from my soul, if I handed it over to where it belongs. I think I watched too many cheesy romantic series, realized that, certain pains remain, weights remain & I wanted to disappear. I wanted a magic so dearly, instead, was left with a bunch of words. Thank Romulus.

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