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Ela Victoria Luca
[13.Dec.05 12:36]
The sender has a good intention or an wishfull thinking. Or is too good to be true.
I'll keep the message, but I'll be carefull with all that I'll have to do.
Să traducem? ;)


 =  Kind request...:)
Dorina Baston
[14.Dec.05 03:39]
If I were you, I would keep it. And I would start looking around..:) (Having my e-mail ID available for those truly interested.Could it be done somehow?...)

+ cute and comforting
ion amariutei
[14.Dec.05 13:44]
it's the sort of poem that has more echo than sound, where the unfolding of little, ordinary events, somehow relates to a bigger, universal order. where the "divine force out there" feels compelled to use the secular force down here (internet). only down here you're the divine force, and the mighty mouse is your herald

just for ease of pronunciation i would change the last verse a little, something like "clicking the spam button"

 =  Good structure
Edilberto González Trejos
[15.Dec.05 02:41]
I like the way you built the story.
The message and the end.
Smart & appealing


 =  thanks
Dana Stanescu
[18.Dec.05 10:58]
Ion, thank you for your sign of appreciation. I'll change the ending somehow.
It's a bit of irony here too even if I wanted to hide it under shallow words.

 =  whether or not you decide to change a thing, this was worth the reading
Jan Pengelly
[31.Dec.05 02:16]
this bears the hallmarks of a dry wit and a certain ennui with the way of things out there in net-land :)
if you're not totally sold on your line-breaks, then how about this arrangement?

I’ve just received a new e-mail.(I instead of I've?)
It said (maybe 'read' instead of 'said')
"There is a divine force
out there in the universe
that always loves you, Daniela,
no matter what you do."
Isn’t that cute and comforting, I thought,
marking it as spam.

 =  Jan Pengelly
Dana Stanescu
[01.Jan.06 17:16]
Actually, I like your suggestions. For the moment I can't edit the text here because it is recommended (technical stuff). Thanks a lot.

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