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 =  the ruined house
Fluerasu Petre
[31.Jan.06 14:46]
this haiku was written under the inspiration of an old house which I saw in one of my journeys to the country... I hope I managed to discover the real pasion in that ruin...


 =  Reveal by hiding
Alina Maria Bica
[02.Mar.06 14:58]

this is not poetry. I cannot find anzthing poetic in this text. If you want to reveal the passion in a ruin, don`t say exactly what you saw. Try to reveal by hiding. This is only an opinion because I want to be of use....


 =  a haiku... not ideas...
Fluerasu Petre
[05.Apr.06 14:34]
A Haiku is a poem without methapors... Without hidden senses... You reveal an image, that's all


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