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 =  lost childhood
Marius Surleac
[21.Jun.08 11:25]
I see a three parts structured poem: the first part is very visual and coloured - it reminds me exactly about my childhood with old back white TV, about the 35lei ball, about girls with names of flowers, though I have to say that Marte Bèraud can not create something like that (only physical shapes, matter).

The second and the third part wipe out the beautiful memories and make you think to a mechanical automation of our own life; and also these two parts slows down the burst from the beginning.

Though, one small observation, there should be "in front of the scientists" instead of "in fromt".

Best wishes,

 =  :)
Florin Hulubei
[22.Jun.08 14:45]
Marius, modified where wrong!
Thank you very much for your words!

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