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 =  hubsche
felix nicolau
[20.Jul.06 14:42]
american orthography, american athmosphere. well trimmed

 =  Nicht hiauslehnen
John Willy Kopperud
[28.Aug.06 21:50]
My favourite word in the poem: "The greasy haze of each morning" - a most vivid allegory. Fine work.

P.S: In fear of being a prude I note that the very title of the poem must be misspelled. I think it must be: NICHT

Greetings from Wipperud

 =  hej!
Florin Hulubei
[30.Aug.06 15:53]
Hej, willy, tack så mycket! The correction is right!

 =  Nicht hinauslehnen
John Willy Kopperud
[31.Aug.06 19:23]

Thanks for the response to my comment. To further satisfy your curiosity as to scandinavian geagraphy and language:

My home town Oslo is the capital of Norway as Stockholm is the capital of Sweden.

In norwegian (Ibsens mother tongue) we say: "Tusen takk" or
"Mange takk".

In swedish (Strindbergs mother tongue) they say "Tack så mycket".

(For the occasion) scandinavically yours


På gjensyn!

 =  jag vet det!
Florin Hulubei
[04.Sep.06 09:12]
Det visste jag det, Willy! Men jag kan inte norska, men svenska!

 =  Nicht hinauslehnen
John Willy Kopperud
[04.Sep.06 16:49]

...Men det va' ju utomordentligt bra!

Hälsningar från det höga nord

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