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 =  missile
felix nicolau
[27.Oct.06 22:30]
very powerful,expressive

 =  just a humble sign...
Heghedus Camelia
[29.Oct.06 23:21]
Apple - symbol of love, completion, of forbidden knowledge. How marvelous is pouring milk -pith of life- when you bite it!

 =  A dream of kings
John Willy Kopperud
[30.Oct.06 00:06]

...And I'd like to add - that surreal feeling is passed on from the poet to the reader. The twisted functions; eirbag breasts and the apple sqirting milk. Makes me think of Bunuel.
I love to think of his movies.

Congratulations from Wipperud

 =  answers
Florin Hulubei
[30.Oct.06 09:01]
Felix, thank you very much for the appreciation!
Camelia, it's not just a humble sign. Thank you for reading me!
Willy, thank you. Indeed, there is something surreal in this piece of text, but isn't love or beauty something almost surrealistic? Come again!

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