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 =  fine undulating story
felix nicolau
[10.Nov.06 23:32]
at the beginnig i was pissed off by the classic disposition of the lines, but after that i realized the modern simplicity, the tricky minimalism. worth reading!

+ to catch up with
felix nicolau
[10.Nov.06 23:34]
and the prize...

 =  felix
Florin Hulubei
[13.Nov.06 11:26]
Hello, Felix! Glad to see you appreciate so much my texts! It's a real pleasure to know it. Thank you very much for passing by and dropping an appreciation sign!

 =  I'll have two, thank you very much, indeed
Motoc Lavinia
[14.Nov.06 23:13]
Quite a strong start. I also like the flavour of emptiness which invariably comes when taking any important piece of work/ art to an end, I can feel it in my chest...Isn't that what any poet wants ?

 =  happy
Florin Hulubei
[17.Nov.06 08:02]
Thank you, Lavinia! Any poet wants to be read. Besides, if the reader likes his poetry, the poet is happy!

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