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 =  your upgrade
Radu Herinean
[05.Nov.03 21:59]
welcome to level 100.
and keep up the good work, as there is more where this came from ;)

 =  double dare
enache florin
[06.Nov.03 14:56]
't was the title that caught me...I've read half of it last night and the rest just a few moments ago...
'I dare you kill the unicorn!'my dare to the other readers is this:
I dare you be the unicorn!
*(this is the star I would have given you had I been older:))

 =  Well now...
Axel Lenn
[06.Nov.03 11:29]
I just don't know what to say... I guess "Thanx" would do, although I'm not into this at all - it's not at all the reason I joined this site, not at all the reason I decided to stay 'round. I'm just glad I can be of service, and this goes out to all those who felt it.

 =  Florin
Axel Lenn
[06.Nov.03 19:52]
Thank you for your words. I'm not quite into the "star-mania", but I liked the starlet you gave me - I did the same thing with a couple of texts on the old site, I favoured them and decided to make the rest of us notice... Well, I sort of got tired, never did that again. Twas nice of you, thanx for stopping by

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