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 =  soon
Radu Herinean
[07.Nov.03 15:12]
i don't know why the pictures don't show.
i'll check and get back on this text.

 =  The picture is here
Neisa Conta
[07.Nov.03 22:13]
Now it shows really well! Thanks.

+ realiterart
Veronica Valeanu
[07.Sep.09 20:00]
indeed, a very state-of-the-art state of the visual&textual art. there is even the tragic diagonal!
the spot for the eyes goes well with that line below {blue pills]
the digital seems here a transcendental scrapbook of decantation. there is magic in the way you superposed a scratch and transparent clasped little palms.

i don't know if you continued doing this in the meantime, (i mean exhibitions) but i find it extremely inspiring. i would like to be surrounded by this kind of images all the time.

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