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+ welcome and some info
Radu Herinean
[18.Dec.03 12:07]
Hi Zulma,
i enjoyed your article and took the liberty to register it as an article. i also upgraded your account so now you can choose to submit articles directly.
if you don't mind the picture we posted to your posting, we will bring your article on the front page tommorow.

 =  Not funny :(
Valentin Popa
[20.Feb.05 04:58]
I must confess I was strongly put off by this article, beginning with its title. No matter how hard I try I can't seem to recall anything humorous about the above-mentioned novel. What you refer to as humorous, I find ironic, rather sadly ironic, a foreplay to the dramatic outcome. I consider that Ibsen's work is one of the most representative in giving an image of the middle-aged woman and what she deals with, two centuries ago as well as nowadays. I don't think being treated as a child and being called names, even as a sign of affection, can be considered funny when the poor woman is working her only to be given some credit, to seize standing for a decorative object, a mother or a wife, to prove to herself and maybe later on to the world that she is also a human being, not only a doll.

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