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 =  some typos
Radu Herinean
[26.Sep.04 21:09]
some small typos:
fulfiler is "fulfiller"
corect terms are "Behaviorists"
marginalized can be shortened to "marginal"
behaviour is "behavior" (also "behavioral")
hypomania is "hypo mania"

 =  Radu
Daniel Dinescu
[26.Sep.04 22:19]
Hi, Radu!
Thank you for the time spent with my text, but I do not agree with some of your corrections: I do study in the UK and my computer shows me that it is correct to write "behaviour", and also "hypomania" is not wrong either of cases; about "marginalized", I think the term has a better meaning like that.
I wanted to ask you something, why other texts, from somebody called 'ruhi aruja', I think, are on the first page and mine isn't, specially this fully-loaded article-essay?
Thank you for your time and sorry disturbing you!

 =  AMvsBE
Corina Dragomir
[26.Sep.04 22:57]
regarding the controversial use of "behaviour", "behaviourism" as well as other parts of speech derived from the verb (root) "behave" there's a point to refer to in correlation with the accents employed by the native-speakers in different countries
e.g behaviour (B.E) - behavior (AM.E)
centre (B.E) - center (AM.E)
these examples may go on if not certain omissions are not taken into consideration especially on the basis of cultural changes alongside with the necessity to shorten words (see the grammatical changes in American English)
Congratulations for the article


 =  answers
Radu Herinean
[26.Sep.04 23:10]
Corina is right, as you probablu are too. if i would have considered them "real" mistakes the text would have been rejected "to be revised". but it was approved.

regarding the other question, the answer is simple: your text will make it to the frontpage as well, but not immediatelly.
each article that is "in the queue" will make it to the frontpage for a few days. your text will probably be there in a week or so, so if you plan to write some more, please do so, as they will probably all make it to the frontpage.

also, if you have some sugestions for the illustration on your article (it is mandatory for the article to make frontpage) please post a link here, along with your answer or upload the picture in the gallery and point it out for me.

and welcome among the agonia columnists. i hope to see more works from you.

 =  Radu & Corina
Daniel Dinescu
[27.Sep.04 00:15]
Thank you both for your time and answers. Yes, Corina, I speak B.E.
You can be sure that I will do what you asked from me, Radu, I will send other works like this one.
I don't know how to use the picture, but I will give you a link.
Thank you for everything, here is the link:
Talk to you later,

 =  > Dani
Michel Martin
[27.Sep.04 18:07]
I admitt I didn't read your article, anyway, I'm here to show you a sign of my consideration for your energic attitude in making this English page a good read.

 =  Michel
Daniel Dinescu
[27.Sep.04 18:20]
Thank you, Michel, I still believe ther is hope also for this side of the site, even things are moving so slowly...
talk to you soon.

 =  just a thought
Motoc Lavinia
[28.Sep.04 10:37]
Your article is clean and seems written from a certain distance: writer- reader.
I didn't like the guidelines at the end of it, it sounds too american, too ' how to', do you expect people to follow directions?
As for God, he may be there for the ones that can see him, talk to him, aknowledge him. Or he is in holiday.

 =  tequilla sunrise
[30.Sep.04 17:28]
trying to come to terms with the fact that I am an educated expendable slave, I sometimes dance my way thru this pathetic imitation of a life, and get extremely drunk (as in wasted), just because I love waking up on the edge of a cloud, next to one of your harp jingling angels, contemplating the absurd puzzle view of liquid churches, flowing like rivers…

 =  A Stone Temple
Diana Pacuraru
[08.Nov.04 21:39]
A Stone Temple. I called it likewise because for me it seeme like a temple in which I entered and my thoughts cleared out in a some sort of way, just by hearing the echoes of some old ideas that I had, but never got the chance to finish. Stone, because the text is cold, is scientific. But once u lay on that stone, it gets warm...and you begin to understand its silence

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