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Poezii Românesti - Romanian Poetry



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The Book X
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by [Mofwine ]

2006-10-30  |     | 

26 2 6
The Oracle's message is cryptic,
Climb awkwardly, as it by scrambling,
We have a clear month before us,
As a rule,
Only first editions are given.

Light from the Ancient East,
After the author's death,
Monographs which were collected,
By a friend is second self.

And on other reefs,
But on the death of the last-named,
And wrote,
A colloquy between a believer and a skeptic,
Prophecy and the monument.


Like mystical sounding poetry,
A subset of the circle is called,
The place of *the beam,
Of the Cross of Christ,
No one confirms this,
But certainly its great size,
Leads one to suspect at least,
That it must be,
Green Stones in Maya,
An extreme example,
Those are degree one,
And finally those as it were between,
A pilgrim or lord of the people,
Those are the T-numbers.

Sacred manifestations of the Otherworld,
The personified mountain with cleft forehead,
And legitimacy to the human community,
Temple represents the mouth and gullet,
Enabled the lords and their people to travel,
Symbolized a living cave,
That opened into the heart of the mountain,
Four sides of the world,
And hold the heavens up above,
The Earth whether caves or cenotes,
Were portals to the Otherworld,
Stand Lords!
Conjuring holiness from the Otherworld,
Ancestors and the gods,
The gods and the ancestors into this world.

Beings that the king called upon in the exercise of his power,
Within this mountain,
Was The Place of,
The empty double,
With the head and the tail,
Independently of any particular choice of coordinates,
Descendant of Rapha,
Judge man forever,
Since he is nothing but flesh,
His days shall be hundred-twenty years.

A sound,
Seldom we find,
The Golden Wine,
This is the sign,
Of the coming of the son of man,
What if he had succeeded in his campaign,
To conquer the half,
An idea in the profoundest means,
The fallen ones,
Philosophers lives,
Also called the watchers,
This legislation is called,
The One Theory,
For all the layman out there,
At the site of the Mount.

To meet, meet one's death,
Which simply means male cat,
As coming from the end of the sea,
Such as climbing the greasy pole,
And tug of war,
Start with a function,
Thalassa Thalassa farmakemeni!
To last repeat,
That cannot be well-approximated,
According to the integral degree,
Those are the S-numbers,
Destroyed by David and his warriors,
Named Goliath of Gath.

Who is skillful in playing,
A man of valor,
A man of war,
Prudent in speech,
And a man of good presence,
Understand or hear what the speaker said,
A ridge that forms a seam between two parts,
Which for one particular coordinate system,
Corresponds to a particular coordinate,
Dancers into the main ritual,
And a Yaxchilan player wearing a similar mask,
La Gran Acropolis,
Have stripped off,
They then stripped him.

The mind,
Not the outward form,
Is more promising dead,
Copy, corrupt, copyright, circulate, control,
Called the lesser,
Must yet know naught,
If a Proskenion column facing,
An Amphiteatron could,
Try hard to always try to the good.

A raft used to cross the river,
What architect could seriously rival,
One being,
That lead to the orchestra,
Which led the proskenion,
There was another rectangular room,
That was supported by several columns,
What architect could seriously rival,
Like rays,
Returned the earth again,
That which is not subject to causation,
No matter What it would change into,
Includes, but is not limited to.

To be born earlier,
So that development is,
Cut off an earlier stage,
And juvenile characteristics are retained,
As the god of the shepherds all,
Were the inhabitants and rulers of divers islands,
In the open sea,
Males or females,
Of the woodland,
The earth beyond,
Where lived before the Flood,
Though he never said exactly this,
To swell through the process of sublimation.

Abelmoschus moschatus,
Lying in the understanding,
Is often inherited genius,
Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself,
But talent,
Instantly recognized genius,
In allusion to the smell of the seeds,
Not considered,
To be at risk in the wild,
Even use against venomous reptiles,
Men and other beings,
To opt for positive righteousness.

A question?
Which is one half of wisdom,
Implemented in Mathematica as,
Moebius Mu,
Beginning, middle and end,
This is the end,
This is the end, beautiful friend,
By the seven perfect letters,
Normal or ordinary,
Speech has begun,
Mu is the name of lost land.


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