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 =  thanks Ma'am
Joshua Butawan
[15.Jan.05 01:56]
Good to you, thanks for giving me some advice, you really helped me!!! your few concerns has alot of means to me!
thanks again..
by the way your work has alot of sense, sometimes it makes me feel that in some other way I remember something in my life!!!

 =  joshua, thanks
Maria Schuler
[25.Jan.05 20:51]
It was just after I submited those remarks about your text and a few others in general, when I realized my "critique" could be taken as a bit TOO impertinent. My intention was just to help the text sound and look better. I'm glad you didn't take it the wrong way.
As for my texts, I do try to give them meaning, but mostly the meaning comes instinctively. This, however, was created in an egoistic moment (like most of my "work"), in which I felt the need to hide the meaning as much as possible from the outside, untrained or even strange eye. I felt the need to make it as "esoterical" as I could, probably to feel like a mentor of some sort teaching his young disciple something of high iportance through occult means...

 =  no-know
Veronica Valeanu
[15.Mar.10 14:41]
Maria, i've been reading your texts so far.
lucid dream, enterprising thoughts, lavish wordplay, the language seems almost an organic component. It is so obviously not meant to be in a self-sufficient way of just being sharp-witted. this "journey" means acutely choosing to stay within or outside lucid dream.

a little suggestion : this construction is too agglomerated [mumbled, moaned and mourned]

your poems follow the same path, interestingly, in rhyme (I used to practice that too). but I like your prose more. the tone is free, richer.

looking forward to reading more texts in your page.

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