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 =  nice!
alina pachitanu
[16.Apr.05 10:58]
this poem it's like a request. a place when your mind must be clear, your soul need to be eliberated. nice!

 =  Right!!!..
Mike Tan
[26.Apr.05 07:15]
Your right my friend, I try to hide my real motive, but it seems I can't because you discovered my real intension in this work i made.

 =  Narration
Joshua Vasquez Butawan
[27.Jun.05 15:56]
A Journal out of your past experience, a combination of hatred and disposition through the path that you choose, feel free for your self, don't let others tell you what they see!

 =  by the way, this is off topic, are you that guy i saw at robinsons galleria earl
Cyril Delos Santos
[19.Oct.05 03:06]
this piece you wrote affects me most...i was once like you a writer but i left writing a year ago cuz i felt like it made me dwell on the sad things that happen in my life. it made me think a lot on those "unanswered questions" of my existence...

yes, i was a hater with so much anger but in some way i have learned to let go and move on though i have to admit that part of that old self is still hidden inside my being....

tsk....mike, you made me consider on writing again... write more, i would love to read your stuff...

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