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Motoc Lavinia
[06.May.11 21:51]
I kind of like the darkness of it all, coming through centuries and knotted streets , I cannot remember much of it though( Stockholm). The poem managed to refresh it for me, in this particular version. So much truth in not so many words, such bareness( is there such word?)in a body without flesh, blood and shadow.

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dan marius
[10.May.11 18:15]
might have gotten something :) thanks anyways you're too kind.
"stockholm" is me being emotional and falling in love with my captors :)
such a cliche

+ That's a finish!
John Willy Kopperud
[17.May.11 00:26]
-the dark or the heaven
that we were once chained to.

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dan marius
[20.May.11 14:12]
thank you willy. yes I like the ending too :) it doesn't happen very often.

 =  a time to remember...
Romulus Campan Maramuresanu
[02.Jun.11 23:02]
Hi friend,

I wonder what it would be like to listen your thoughts outside the word-scarceness of your poetry...
It's frightening: if so much force in just a few words, what if...?

It is such a joy (sorry, I know, cliché, but you know I'm getting older and sentimental...) to find you a bit "so much more"!
I know it doesn't really matter to you, yet please check your level.


 =  rcm
dan marius
[04.Jun.11 11:03]
you'd be surprised. I'm a "sort of an accountant" of sorts :) so my thoughts are pretty much hung on numeric scales :) I mostly write at work taking short breaks that's why my poems are either good or very very bad. So.. my conversational skills are beyond poor.. hence the sharp edge of my writing.
Your words are flattering. It's good to know that sometimes.. my being an unreliable "headintheclouds" employee really "accounts" for something.
So then Sir, thank you kindly.

 =  thank you...
Romulus Campan Maramuresanu
[04.Jun.11 16:30]
Moved by your sincere reply.

Interesting thought: you know, I've been a complete shipwreck for all "real" sciences, with an interest only in literature and languages etc; maybe this is why I need so many words to express my thoughts?:-)

Honoured to read your poetry.


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