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 =  hmm...
Romulus Campan
[02.Feb.13 22:21]

Uhmm, well it ceirtainly made me smile, but I guess it may still need some waaaay to go to become poem!?
For the beginning have a look at the said/sad options...


 =  yes sir :-)
Bodea Diana Mihaela
[03.Feb.13 20:26]
Yes, it needs some polish, but do not feel like an inspired poet right now. Waiting for a muse :-).


 =  French fries and love...
Romulus Campan
[03.Feb.13 20:40]
Still having a smile on my face, probably because of your French fries image...
Nevertheless, let's give it a go...
As I have said before, your style is quite unique and in formation, stretching the boundaries of simplisticism over into philosophy. It's an interesting trend I've noticed lately, like a mass return to a world of poetry exiled by today's wannabe poets and critics into a world wrongly labeled as stereotype or / and clichè... Human feelings have become clichès for those probably lacking them...

Looking forward...


 =  looking fore a Muse?
Romulus Campan
[03.Feb.13 20:49]
As for your "yes, sir" comment, you gave me a good lol as unfortunately I wish I'd be some inspiring Muse, but when I submitted my application they said I'd make it to the Tooth Fairy squad, but I'm too hairy:-)

Take care!


 =  happy to bring a smile
Bodea Diana Mihaela
[03.Feb.13 21:31]
Exactly, my intended question. I do not understand Raj's commentc either.
RC - thank your for your good review over my texts. I do use simplicity as a vehicle for my ideas because I feel it can make me leave aside the useless and the artifical. Feelings, when they are intense, can drag us into overthinking and into an overemotional state taht some times can be tricky.
I am always glad too bring a smile.


 =  sound nurture
Dely Cristian Marian
[03.Feb.13 23:52]
hello mihaela,
i'm not sure i've understood completly your text; anyway here's a more painstaking link to what I got from it:

they say that the pleasure of eating is the closest which competes with the pleasure of making love and another saying is that love goes through the stomach. well, i'm not gonna argue about these routines, i like french fries:)

“love and happiness is pure disguise” - apparently, that man is really hungry.
by the way, i could be your muse for some biscuits or so:)

i enjoyed it,

 =  DCM:-)
Romulus Campan
[04.Feb.13 00:15]
Hi DM,

First to DCM: Haven't you noticed above, the Tooth Fairy position is taken...?
Oh, it's Muse again... I must check the mushrooms before making omelette...
As for Maslow, as we would say in Romanian, it sounds a bit "mãsluit":-)


 =  *
raj thampi
[04.Feb.13 07:42]
I never thought my two harmless comments will be discarded just because i wanted to draft a code complex up to the level of Davinci *smiling* Umm >> meant a passive reading, or eligible for a skip

Sorry dcm, rcm.

 =  well...
Bodea Diana Mihaela
[04.Feb.13 15:55]
DCM - I have never thought such an interpretation is possible, anyway I did not have the intention to pass such an idea. But it is funny and everyone is free to enjoy a text in his/her own interpretation. The verse is ”in pure ..” but hey it can also be as you said, i will consider this as a suggestion. :-)
RC - nice association Maslow - măsluit.
Raj - thank your for your comment, now I understand what you meant. Please do write your comments as symbols can skip my understanding.

 =  *
Dely Cristian Marian
[04.Feb.13 20:58]
Mihaela, I was just synchronizing some people's mistakes by mistake. I’m not always as cautious as I could be. (I felt funny:) However, let no one upset you within a virtual space; and please give your poetry the freedom of your inner energy.

I guess there is a memory improving lesson around.


 =  thank you DM:-)
Romulus Campan
[04.Feb.13 21:23]
Dear DM,

I felt a bit uneasy yesterday late after I wrote my "comment" being afraid to maybe have hurt your feelings with my own and maestro DCM's fun time which was intended for nothing else but a time of a bit of a light heart:-)
But I can now see that you have a kind sense of humour even for when the boys seem to have forgotten to grow up:-) Forgive us for not being 100% serious right under your text:-)
I may have not told him, but I enjoy as well DCM's sense of humour, I hope he doesn't mind:-)
Thank you for being a friendly partner even in a bit of innocent fun!

With a true and friendly respect


 =  sometimes
Bodea Diana Mihaela
[04.Feb.13 22:25]
Sometimes I foreget my sense of humour, but I always enjoy seeing people that did not for they remind me of my fault.
Happy to see everyone with a smily heart.

Sincerely, for both of you, DCM and RC, GG

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