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 =  the two minutes of today
Motoc Lavinia
[11.Nov.14 22:22]
One would think that I might have had enough of the topic by now. Strangely enough, I hadn't. I feel like I have somehow developed some kind of awareness, like an extra arm, or a dimension, or simply an interest in History and the like which I do not recall to have had before( not when in high school anyway.
I especially enjoyed the middle verses, the speak of the truth without shouting it to your face. Personally I dislike the ... at the end, they remind me of summation of series which do not seem to connect in any way with this.

 =  The ... "hallmark"...
Romulus Campan
[07.Dec.14 21:03]
It was awkward (being myself Jewish...)to realise I posted this on the first day of the Kristallnacht remembrance.
I stopped remembering, as what we've lost has become a haunting second consciousness, which I must try to silence sometimes, to make my life a lesser hell...
Thank you Lavinia for your clarity.
As for the ..., it has become sort of a hallmark of mine. I have come to see existence, and therefore the words defining it, as devoid of any absolutes beyond our desire for them, and hence am unable to "end" most of my poetry.
All the best,


+ The past
dan marius
[20.Nov.14 12:41]
One can never (ever) have enough of this topic. Every high-school history class should start and end with this. All the graphic images shown.

I understand what you meant, Lavinia. You meant that the text helped you "connect" with the subject in a different way. The poem was meant to do that.
So I'd like to thank you both for this.

 =  The ... "hallmark"...
Romulus Campan
[20.Nov.14 23:11]
Lavinia and Marius,
Thank you for stopping by.
(...) has become my hallmark of believing in the endlessness of a thought, of an idea...
I just can't stop believing we are meant for more than finiteness, therefore I leave my sentences open, oftentimes...

All the best,


+ now and then
Corina Gina Papouis
[07.Dec.14 22:13]
It is a poem with power as it invites you in the past/ the present and the future without holding your hand.
Treason and reason are not just rhyming words, they are in a continuous chain reaction and the poem above is just one example we should take a bow to...

Good to read you again, RC!:p

 =  Thank you CG...
Romulus Campan
[08.Dec.14 19:43]
Thank you CG, most kind of you...
I'll be back as soon as anything worth reading emerges.


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