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 =  Sorry for you if you have lived a stranger's life...
Sydney Krivenko
[27.Aug.07 20:46]
Bogdan, I´m sorry for you if you have lived a stranger's life! Better realised late than never. please don't speak for me, I don't feel this way! You have a way with rhymes, true, but this piece is boring, nothing new said or written, and questions asked only you can answer.
The last two lines are nice, though.

 =  Why "we"
Bogdan Olteanu
[28.Aug.07 00:32]
Well... perhaps the plural is inappropriate. I was not talking for anyone else but me, though I am sure there must be other people who have felt like this before. It started as "I", evolved as "some", and ended as "we", giving the impression of "all".

And it's not over, not even for me. The last two lines represent the grain of hope that has always kept me going.
Thanks for reading me and for expressing your opinion. I hope I cleared up some things.

 =  substance...
Romulus Campan Maramuresanu
[28.Aug.07 17:44]
Bogdan my friend,

While the way you handle rhyme shows much talent, please be careful to the fact that modern poetry rhyme does not replace depth...
Unfortunately, and to my own dismay we have to show much more than what a century ago would have made the frontpage of a publication. My advice would be to write less, allowing substance to concentrate.

 =  Thanks for the advice
Bogdan Olteanu
[10.Sep.07 17:03]
True: the poetry of old is not appreciated as it used to be... as it deserves, in my opinion. I will take that advice and try focusing on depth. Thanks for the support and observations, Romulus!

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