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 =  good poem, sounds like a ballad
Simona Sumanaru
[05.Jan.09 16:02]
I'd put "poet of the rotten pillows" as the title and get rid of the repetition. Is it "Night of personal illusions?"
Good stuff.

 =  Simona,
Ionut Popa
[05.Jan.09 17:33]
I'm glad you liked my poem. It's "nigh" (nigh = alaturi).


 =  Ionut
Simona Sumanaru
[06.Jan.09 10:21]
"nigh of" + noun doesn't sound right to me. i think you're missing a gerund here. also, i think a bit too archaic for the tone of the poem. anyway, good work; sounds like a song. cheers back!

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