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The Living Room
essay [ ]

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by [Seemis ]

2008-01-15  |     | 

de gheorghe Sârbu

Of all the manners of expression, crushing one with silence comes handy to anybody.

A certain period of time: decade, century, millennium or any other, may be compared to a fully owned apartment, resulting that the phrase “such were the times” is not reality-based because the period, whatever its length, is inhabited.
People, more exactly, are those that give demeanour to times, that give significance to time, that give character to time.
But how, as long as Man cannot master Himself?
Easy: exclude the palliative from the life of time; the morass doesn’t have a place in any register.
Starting this very moment, if we begin teaching the lesson, namely respect to the human being, individual to individual, and equally me to myself, me to the other, we shall succeed in stopping depreciation, to which the plurality is subjected with a tenacity deserving a less dioptric meaning. It is only necessary to apply the necessary function of the necessary, i.e., to decree the educational system of values, the sanitary system of values, the urbanistic system of values, and not necessarily in this order, without abatement from probity. Nothing is easier to obtain than the good name ( … ) without which the perpetuation of time shall suffer insurmountable mutations. There is no problem of moral demeanour, which, in order to gain recognition, must be dragged in front of a court of justice. There is no court, so much the less astral, that makes the truth kneel before the chopping block ( … ) just as there isn’t, and there cannot be, existence without its essential motivation: man.
Working on depreciating the representation of man, we work in the essence on altering the existence.
Death is not man’s work.
Life is man’s work.
Then, why do we strive so incommensurably for “self-destruction” ( ? ) – confluent elements to be found in: Socrates, H. Maier, H.- R. Patapievici …
Waking up is so much the more urgent, as the two Aldine coryphaei: the Cuvier theory and the Malthus theory are in an acamic – spelling book equation: the floods this year, the earth fall this year, the tornadoes in full regional ascension this year, passenger planes crashing down this year, forced railing of subterraneous and surface trains this year, the killing of brother Roger, similarly, and not accidentally so, to the biblical lamb.
Following the dice, as the dice fall, and from now on, we shall kill the flora …
Following the dice, as the dice fall, and from now on, we shall kill the fauna …
Following the dice, as the dice fall, and from now on, we shall kill the oxygen …
If we don’t stick into our skull today the conviction that we must perform into “there is” an elongatic work, tomorrow we shall wake up in the state of sterile particles.
I have said the above, stimulated by the idea that, if the man of today doesn’t care about the man of tomorrow, great nature, within such a process, is left with only one alternative, the only one: to turn from warm into cold, from cooperating into inflexible, from live into amorphous; which, if man doesn’t deviate from his attribute, may be limitlessly postponed – the purpose, unless calibrated according to the extension of mission, brings into “there is” only glanders.

With a registration number, free is the Spirit; unless it is dependent on freedom.

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