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The right to play
essay [ ]

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by [nadai ]

2009-03-06  |     | 

I think that all human beings have the right to play in every circumstance of their artistic exercise. When I image the world as a big playground I'm struck by the purity of this image, by the colors inside it and by a feeling of toleration and peace.
My mental images are build around this playground where we forget that we are adults, full of hate, of anger, of anti-life feeling. We leave everything beside and we start to build beautiful things, crazy images, new forms.
In every instance of life I find this image to be so pure and so energetic I can never let it aside. That's why I integrate the right to play within the other human rights and also as a main theme in creation. When we forgot that we are only children? Not adults full of anger and of illogical passion, but children full of beautiful things inside our hearts, in our eyes. I believe this is a question everybody should ask in his or her heart. Why forget we are only children on a huge playground?
Up till we die we have a tendency to play. Obviously, not everybody chooses to play in a beautiful manner. Some prefer the game of war and other shameful things. That's another adult trait I like to condemn, because it inspires me sick minds, full of hate against creation.
My essay is concentrated on the idea of applying game in creation. Just as Wittgenstein wrote, the game is a key element from reality. When do we escape from this game? Even if we don't like to admit it we look just like children at 70, at 50, at 40. We are just lonely children sometimes, lost souls in a hateful crowd. We lose our energy to play with smiles on our faces and we renounce our right to forget bad events. We forget to laugh, to kiss each other's cheeks, and embrace our playmates. It may sound a simple metaphor and oh, so biblical... but it's true.
Let's walk around this playground and take a look-do we like it? Can't we build something beautiful in it? Can't we let our hearts travel and breathe across the wind in search for a shining star?

When the grandfather's head will rest on the bench, his grandson has something prepared for him. Can we play with him?

Don't forget this right must be cherished and protected. Despite all skepticism, how many of you can dance and draw? Can smile and laugh with a full mouth? With eyes wide open and with joyful hearts? Can we build something better in our playgrounds? Can we make our grandparents happy?

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