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A Divine Promise.
poetry [ Visual ]
A story which is expressed in poem.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [totoro ]

2004-12-22  |     | 


Time passes on, like the gentle breeze
That embraces the swaying leaves.
A stealth witness to all that has happened to the world.”

A sweet memories presents, but for a moment,
It leaves an intense mark,
of no amount time of time will be erased.

The solemn and loving breeze,
Touches my very heart,
Natural, yet very anonymous.

It was as if the very wind
Was alive, calling me….
Pushing and pulling me to follow.

Yet the feeling was intense
and so humble,
and all I could do was to obey.

Across the sweet scented leaves,
was a sight of most infinite beauty
I have ever seen.

She was the very wind
the sweet wind,
that summons me from the start.

She offered her hands
without hesitation,
stretching her arms calling out to me.

Refusing her was out of my powers.
After all that she has,
All the sweetness and beauty.

But before I come up with her,
My heart asks if she’s for real,
Or just my illusion.

As I touch her warm and smooth hands,
I felt her very presence.
Her gentle warmth makes me feel comfortable.

She was no illusion,
she was as real as the day
as real as I am.

While mesmerized by her beauty
I asked her name.
While I’m looking at here gently.

Her beautiful voice sounds to my ear,
As she has the most beautiful name “ KYRA”
Why did you appear to me, “ I said.

I have done so in order to thank you, “ she replied.
I looked at her face with a questions.
To thank me? “ I said.

I was fascinated how she holds my hand.
I have seen how you always love the nature that gives life to all…
And for that, I am forever grateful, “she said.

Her beautiful face and sparkling eyes
Told me all I need to know.
She needn’t say another word.

From that day forward,
My heart was hers alone,
And that’s all she needed from me.

The days passed by,
Like the beating of my heart.
Days turned into weeks, weeks into months.

If we only could’ve stopped time,
Right away then.
Then the day I feared would never come.

It was me to leave for the city,
To enter university.
And it’s my first time I saw her cry.

I could do nothing to ease her pain,
But her heart was strong and with a smile,
She gave me a present, and with a promise.

Take this with you, so you’ll always
Remember my promise, as long as trees stands
On this land, I will wait for your return, “ she said.

And with that present as a witness,
I also promised her with all my heart,
That no matter happens I will return to her.

After two years, I came back,
To keep my promise,
But what I have witnessed has destroyed my very soul.

I was too late she was gone,
My love was gone.
She was gone along with the trees that she loved,

( I could still feel her pain)

I have never cursed my self until that day.
I should have never left her alone.
I should have stayed with her.

While my tears are flowing I remembered something,
I remember the gift.
That she had given me.

My love, the spirit of the wind
From this seed will spring a new hope
For both of us, “ I said.

While I planted the little seed with small buds,
My crystal tears fall from it,
Making it to showered.

Until after I planted the gift that she gave me,
The wind blew gently again,
And I said thanks KYRA!!!!!!!

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