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Poezii Rom�nesti - Romanian Poetry


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prose [ ]

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by [my.passion ]

2012-03-25  |     | 


“Wake up already, Sam!”
“Five more minutes…” I mumbled.
“Not even a second! They’re here.”
Argh… hate it when a) I don’t get enough sleep and b) I don’t get enough sleep on weekends… Guess what - it had been one of those days…
“Do I really have to do this as well? I mean c’mon! I barely even know her!”
“Sam… she’s my-“
“-Your old childhood friend – I get it! You’ve told me a thousand times already… Does she really have to move into Mrs. Newman’s house?”
“Of course she does! And when I first heard of her putting it on sale I thought it would be a great idea for Margaret to take it. Besides, we’ve always dreamed of being neighbors. I can’t believe this day has finally come!”
“Good for you…”
I turned on the other side of the bed and pulled the pillow over my head – my eyes were still sleepy.
“Go on without me, I’ll catch you up later.”
“Karen Samuel Black!” with this said the things were getting serious, “I want you all showered up and dressed in that new, blue dress I bought you yesterday while I’ll go take the cookies out of the oven. Don’t you dare making me wait!”
I growled.
“And put on a smile for God’s Sake! We’re not going to a funeral, child.”
There were two things mom was good at: ordering around and cooking. Believe me – no one could teach you what’s best for you than her… at least that’s what she thought. And don’t even try arguing with her about that one…
And so I put on the damned dress and followed her to Mrs., already, Abbott’s house. Mom’s hands – all shaky and sweaty. She was, indeed, happy – happy like a child who was about to see Santa Clause – wildly happy.
“You must be Troy… hello. I’m Anne Black and this is my daughter, Sam. Your mother must have told you about me. ”
“Of course, Mrs. Black. Please come in. Mother was about to call you. She is in the kitchen, that’s straight to the hall.”
Mom gave me her embarrassing smirk.
“Would you look at prince Charming” she whispered, loud enough for him to hear as well. I pretended not to care, though I confess – he was, indeed, a hottie. But hey! Totally not my type. Why? Cause he seemed like one of those douchebags that are in love with the one and only man in the mirror if you know what I mean…
I took a look around – mrs. Newman’s house now seamed totally strange to me. I remember walking those wide halls, jumping on her old sofa, running around her rooms like crazy, staring at those white walls full of family photos, of her friends, of places she visited when she had been young… when she died, she took the soul of that house along with her…
“Annie, Sweet Jesus, you haven’t changed a bit!”
“You too, Maggie. Who said time has something to do with a woman’s beauty?”
“Yeah, right…” I murmured.
“Here! My homemade cookies, hope you still like’em.”
“I sure do, thank you, honey.”, Mrs. Abbott smiled, “And this is Troy, my son. You should be Samuel?”
“Sam, it’s my pleasure.”
“You are such a pretty girl! Hope you’ll make good friends with my boy.”
“Of course they will”, mom hurrily replied, “Have you seen the town yet?”
“No. I didn’t even get to unpack our stuff.”
“Why don’t you leave it up to Troy? Sam will also help, won’t she?”
I nodded. Her sharp glance made me understand a “no” would bring big trouble.
“Well… why not? Just let me go take my purse.”
“Great! I’ll be waiting for you in the car then, a blue Toyota.”
“And as for you, young man,” mrs. Abbott said as she was putting on her black shoes, “I want you to behave with our guest. Did I make myself clear?”
“Don’t worry, I won’t bite”, he grinned, “not if you ask me to.” He rolled his eyes back on me.
“No thanks, I’ll pass.”
We watched them heading to town.
“Now that’s weird.”
“Your name. Isn’t it a boy’s one?”
“So what if it is?”
“Oh, spicy. I like it.”
“Is this the part where I should blush or is it better if I jump into your arms?”
“I don’t mind embracing you.”
“No offense, but you don’t interest me. Where do I put these?”
“Other there, on the shelf. Hey, wait a sec! Are you saying these looks, this body doesn’t impress you?”
“Sorry to disappoint…”
“Girl, please… it’s only a matter of time for me to make you fall in love with moi…”
“So you’re that skilled, eh?”
“Let’s just say I know my ways with women.”
“I guess your self esteem is highly leveraged…”
“Wanna bet?”
I don’t know what made me accept …
“Fine, I’m in.”
“Good. So; If I win, you’ll be my slave for a week. You’ll do anything I ask you to, be it grossy stuff or horny – anything.”
“And If I win -”
“You won’t.”
“If I do”, which I was sure, “then you’ll keep your distance with me.”
“Whatever you say, hon. Now about the sealing of our deal…”
“About what?”
He catched my hands then pushed me against the wall.
“With this.”
He lifted my chin and kissed me gently slipping his tongue through my lips.
“You son of a -”
He kissed me again, this time harder. My eyes began to close, my cheeks heated. Fight him, resist him! My body wasn’t listening to me. I don’t know why my feet got weak when I g was wrapped into his arms.
“Let – me- go- you – pervert…”
He grinned, moving down my neck.
“I’ll go further if you keep offending me.”
“Please what?” His kisses harsher and harsher. His body against mine made me helpless… there was no way for me to escape those strong arms of his…
“Please… stop – it….”
“Stop what?”
“Touching me… stop touching me…”
“It doesn’t sound convincing… I think you want me to continue…”
“No! I beg you!”
My palms got all sweaty. Goose bumps started running through my skin… I hated it, that feeling… I hated him…
No Sam, don’t cry! don’t you dare crying in front of him! Sam, man up!
And still a tear ran down my face.
“I hate you…”
“I know… I know…”, he let go of my hands then stepped aside, “Who would’ve thought that a girl with a boyish attitude would appear to be such a crybaby… Go home… I’ll finish up by myself.”

I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! The places where he touched felt hot, they burned like fire. I tried to erase his kisses from my head but they just kept showing up… I hated that feeling of weakness, I hated the fact that I just ran home, that I let it be…
“Sam?! Sam, honey, I’m back! Troy said you’re home! Get down here and take a look at what I’ve bought you!”
I hurried up and washed my face with cold water (hoping she won’t notice the huge circles under my eyes).
“Here I am.”
Don’t look up, don’t look up…
“Sam! What’s with the face?”
“Yeah… umm… It’s that movie I’ve been telling you about… I can’t believe I’ve cried at it…”
“Which one?”
“You know the one with… the dog… such a drama…”
“Why that’s new! Oh, nevermind, close your eyes!”
“What for?”
“Just close them already…”
“Wow… a new dress… for me… and it’s even pink… great…”
“I knew you would like it! Oh, dear, and it even was at half price, can you believe it? I can’t wait for you to wear it tomorrow!”
“Don’t tell me you have forgotten about it! The carnival?”
“Right! The carnival… but I don’t feel like it anymore… you see… Danny is going with Paris…”
“Sweetheart… ”, she sighted, “What about Troy?”
“What?! No thanks… I -”
“No buts! I’ve already talked with Maggie about this matter. She said Troy would love to.”
“Don’t tell me you knew about Danny…”
“It wasn’t so hard for me to figure that out… and you know what? Maybe it’s for the best! Troy is a nice, good looking young man and by the way it’s his birthday tomorrow. I’m sure he’d appreciate it since he has no friends here.”
“Really? Poor thing… so nice and still so lonely… how can I possibly decline such a fantastic offer?!”
Parents – why can’t you differ cheerfulness from irony.
And so I ended up going to the carnival with Mrs. Nice Guy…

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