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Multiple Personality Disorder
screenplay [ ]

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by [stradymarius ]

2008-05-03  |     | 

Multiple Personality Disorder

[A room, one blue table, white walls, 3 chairs with 3 persons talking: a young boy, his mother and the doctor]

John: Do you see that spot on the white table, on the wet shiny table, do you see it?!

John: (with the lost look) Do you see it?

Dr. Psy: No! I told you before that is no such thing; more than that, the table is blue and it has a table cloth laid on.

John: (dreamingly) It was when Lady Lucy came to my house to visit my father; and while drinking their coffee, she accidentally spilled a drop on the table. It was a bright day, sun was shining, birds were singing, wind was floating softly through the rusty leaves of the trees and…

Dr. Psy: Sorry, but who is Lady Lucy?

John: (mature posture) She was a working assistant of my father. Did I mention that my father is a lawyer – he knows how the laws work in these hard times, when nobody gives a damn on human integrity, on the dignity state!

Dr. Psy: Wait a minute, you have no father; you’re father died when you were ten and for sure he was no lawyer. He barely could find something to work to support you and your mother.

John: (aggressively) I have a father!!!

John: My mother is no longer with us. She watches us from above. You know that above, in the sky, hiding through clouds, there is God. My mother told me that last night – I met her in my dream!

Dr. Psy: John, your mother is alive and she’s here on my right side! Who are you talking about?

Margaret: John???

Margaret: Who is John? – I know nobody with this name. Nobody, you understand me? Nobody!

Dr. Psy: (surprised, thinking) Margaret?

Margaret: Yes, my name is Margaret. My mum gave me this name when I was born; she said that is the name of a princess, so I am a princess (prideful look). I am a lovely girl, you know that!?

Dr. Psy: Do you know who I am?

Margaret: Of course! You’re my cousin Eve! Did you come to play with me? I have my dolls waiting in my room so we can play doctors. I’ll be a doctor and you’ll be my patient. You’re ill so I have to treat you to make you well.

Dr. Psy: Margaret, how old are you?

Margaret: I am ten years old, my name is Margaret and I am in the third grade!

Dr. Psy: (inquiringly) So shouldn’t you be at school now?

Margaret: No, how many times do I have to tell you that I have a private teacher. He teaches me how to draw, how to sing, how to dance at special occasions…I even know what century we are! (delighted) We are in the 18th century! Did you know that?

Dr. Psy: No I didn’t. I am amazed of how much you know! But… special occasions? What kind of?

Margaret: (twisting the fingers) When my mum and my dad organize a banquet to the castle, they let me wear the white dress and they take me with them. Then, at the castle I meet lots of children and we dance and play, and sing…all kind of lovely things.

Margaret: (insistent) Do you know that white dresses are for princesses? I know, my mum told me! Isn’t it gorgeous?

Dr. Psy: But…

Margaret: (a little bit surprised) …why didn’t you come at the castle? Didn’t you get any invitation?

Dr. Psy: Hmm! Yes I did, but I had a problem so my parents did not let me out!

Margaret: But now you are here! Let’s get upstairs to play with the dolls! I beg you!

Dr. Psy: Ok! Ok! We will! But who are your parents?

Margaret: How’s that? You know my parents! They are your uncle and aunt!

Dr. Psy: …yes, but I forgot!

Margaret: (reproachful) …you see if you’re not going to school, you’re not as smart as I am. Ok, this is the last time I will tell you, to be clear!

Margaret: My mum…my mum is known by all people in town; even the beggars pronounce her name always when she goes out!

Margaret: She doesn’t like beggars – I heard her speaking with my dad in the living room. She is disgusted! But let’s go to my room. Let’s play doctors. You’ll be the patient and I’ll be the doctor, so I can treat your illness.

Dr. Psy: What about your father? Where is he, what is his profession?

Margaret: (proud, with a big smile) Ah! My father is the mayor of the city. He is a great man, also recognized by al the people in town. He is kind of doctor, but a much bigger one. He can treat the city illness. All people came to him asking for their needs, for help.

Margaret: But why you ask me all these? Didn’t you come to play with the dolls, with me?

Dr. Psy: Hmm! Yes, I did – let’s go upstairs!

Margaret: (running in the room with one table and chairs) Hurray! I’ll be the doctor! I’ll be the doctor!

Dr. Psy: Margaret, stay still! Be careful!

John: (hitting the table) Ouch! My head hurts! I told you before to clean that spot! Now I took a closer look and fall down from my chair!

John: (confused) Who is Margaret?

Dr. Psy: You’re not Margaret?

John: Of course I am not Margaret. I am a boy, how can I be a girl. Be careful with your words!

Dr. Psy: But you were running!

John: (sad) Running!?

John: I can’t run! My legs were amputated! In a day, when I was crossing the street, a car knocked me down! That’s why now I watch the splendours beyond the window from my lazy room. After my mother died, my father changed.

John: He was no more like he used to be, especially because he was in loved with Lady Lucy; but now she’s also up in the sky, hiding through clouds with God and my mother.

Dr. Psy: John, how old are you?

John: I am 32 years old, I think – I can’t remember, because of the hit, because of the table, because of the spot! How many times do I have to ask you to clean that coffee spot.

Dr. Psy: (writing some notes in a notebook) I see! And what year is now?

John: It’s September 27, 1932! Outside is such a beautiful day – sun is shining, birds are singing, wind is floating softly through the rusty leaves of the trees and I sit still in this damn chair…

[After few minutes John felt asleep, meanwhile Dr. Psy is speaking with his mom about the symptoms]

Dr. Psy: Indeed Sigmund seems to have multiple personality disorder!

Sigmund’s mother: Now I know. I was shocked when I was speaking with him and he was acting like I was a strange person, he called me all kind of different names. He had all kind of behaviours.

Dr. Psy: I am very sorry for you!

Sigmund’s mother: Thank you! At the beginning I thought that it wasn’t a big deal but after his third ego appeared I knew something’s wrong with him and I decided to come to you!

Sigmund’s mother: Is there anything that can help my son to return to a normal being attitude?

Dr. Psy: I am afraid not! These kind of mental disorders are very tough for the families but also for them. I am sorry! Only God can make him normal!

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