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No right to be Angry
screenplay [ Movie ]
A story of a boy who did a mistake without thinking that it might have an impact in his future.

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by [totoro ]

2004-10-02  |     | 


On the school of Saints Academy a student named Karlo top the list of honored students in every sections of fourth year, Because of that Karlo was given a tag of being one of the clever students in their school. Karlo has all the characters that a girl searches for, like being intelligent, handsome, and industrious.
Karlo receives so much Compliments and praises form all the people in their campus. Karlo’s advisory teacher is Mrs. Rodriguez, Mrs. Rodriguez is well known for being a kind and gentle teacher. Because Karlo was a wise and clever student, his teacher Mrs. Rodriguez trusted him of recording the grades of his classmates.
Karlo become the assistant of Mrs. Rodriguez, Karlo take charge of the class whenever Mrs. Rodriguez is absent or out. Because of the so much privilege and praises that Karlo receives he become braggart and boastful. Karlo turned to be a person with so much pride and confidence.
Until then at the time of lunch the sun shines and blazes so hot, Mrs. Rodriguez ordered Karlo to buy her a lunch outside the campus, so Karlo receive a money from Mrs. Rodriguez worth Hundred pesos to buy her a pork curry.
Karlo went outside to follow his teacher’s order. After 2 minutes of walking Karlo finally reached the canteen, Karlo told the vendor to give him a pork curry, the vendor handed over the pork curry to Karlo, Karlo gave the hundred pesos as the payment for the food he got.
After that Karlo returned to his school but before he reached the school a boy in a civilian dress accidentally bumped on Karlo. Because of the impact Karlo dropped Mrs. Rodriguez’s lunch. The food spilled all over the pavement, because of what happened Karlo became furious and angry, without knowing Karlo threw such humiliating word on the boy such as stupid, dumb, brainless, and other bad words.
Because of that the boy cried so much. The boy apologized to Karlo and told that he will replace the wasted food, the boy gave the exact amount as Karlo have.
Even though the food was replaced Karlo’s anger still remains the same.
After giving the replacement the boy runs toward the school crying.
Karlo was shocked to know that the boy is a student of his own school.
Karlo still didn’t mind the boy and continued walking. While walking Karlo wanted to take revenge on what happened to him. Until one minutes of walking Karlo finally reached the school, Karlo went to the faculty room were his teacher was.
When he is about to enter the faculty Karlo heard a sound of a crying boy that says MOMMY, what made him so shocked is that the boy who is crying in Mrs. Rodriguez’s arms is also the boy who bumped on him awhile ago.
While seeing those scenes Karlo’s anger slowly disintegrates.

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