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When you register on this site you agree with the publication policy and the site rules.
Your participation here implies your understanding and agreement with the policy and the site rules.
In the text below, by "" one will understand any website, through its representatives, that belongs to the project:,,,,, regardless of the entry page and the language used. The `representative` quality of an member can be confirmed by our PR desk available by email at [email protected]

Service Agreement

  • The copyright for each original text submited to belongs to the respective member.
  • members will submit only original creations. The copyright responsibilities for the published works are the sole responisibility of the member that published that text. Any quotes, pointing to materials on or external materials are allowed with a notice on the original author and the source of the text.
  • The texts belonging to clasic authors may be submited in the dedicated section: the virtual library. Any such text will mention the author name and any known details regarding the text and its author.
  • Multiple accounts are NOT allowed on Using multiple accounts may attract pennalties including deactivating all accounts for that member and all materials submited on
  • Texts with abusive language, instigations, haressment, obscene and pornografic content, and other such materials are not allowed on
  • reserves the right to correct any material submited on the website, with the main purpose of fixing errors and not the message or the context of the materials. reserves the right to delete or edit any submited materials without the obligativity to suply an explanation.
  • considering the realtime publication facilities available to most of the members, cannot be held responsible for the content of the materials presented on and is not responsible for the integrity, accuracy and the general content of the information available here. Any and all texts published on are the creation and the opinion of the respective author and does not necesarily represent the opionion or attitude of, its representatives or any entity legaly or formaly asociated with this site.
  • has the nonexclusive right to reproduce in printed form or on any conventional, electronic or of any other nature, any materials submited and sent by its visitors, in its own publications or in other publications based on a publication agreement between them and Any reproduction will explicitly specify the declared author of the material, excepting the situations where the purpose of the publication involves a later disclosure of the author (games, contests, etc).
  • members cannot request any payment or compensation for publishing their materials, regardless of the form and the support used for publication, excepting the case where there is a suplementary written publication agreement between the author and that specifically lists the compensation terms.
  • uses a security sistem based on accounts with passwords and other information related to the electronic identity of its visitors. The members are responsible for keeping the secret regarding their accounts and they must notify the site authorities regarding any iregularities or problem related to the functionality of the website.
  • reserves the right to record and retain any information related to the activity of its visitors and also to reveal such details if it is considered that a complaint regarding that member or visitor is justified.
  • reserves the right to block the access to the sites or parts of the sites through all available means (including and not restricted to: account, ip address, cookies, official complaints towards any legal or commercial authorities, etc)
  • may modify the rules and the service agreement at any time. The members are responsible for checking the updates on the rules and the sservice agreement. At any given time, continuing the activities on the website implies the user consent on the rules and service agreement, and applies to all the materials available in Any major modification will be mentioned on the front page of the site. Any previous versions of this documents will be kept for future reference.

We apreciate your participation and understanding and we want to assure you that these measures are taken to ensure a good creative environment and the development of our site.
If you have remarks or sugestions regarding the service agreement please direct them by email to [email protected]

Reproduction of any materials without our permission is strictly prohibited.
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