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Atlas poetica September 2010
article [ Press ]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [Mioriþa Alba ]

2010-10-02  |     | 

Magazine "Atlas poetica" published in Septembre 2010 tanka written by Romanian poets.

1. Cornelia Atanasiu

Dark tempest
slip on a rock in
a moss carpet.
The daring edelweiss
among the grass swords.

2. Jules Cohn Botea

There is this one place
where the sky is always clear
the end of the road.
You must truly believe this
in order to find it, too

3. Ion Codrescu

while you sleep
the night ends
I am writing
the last line of the poem
about the wandering cloud

4. Șerban Codrin

Only five lines
I should send you
with resignation—
Only a sky of falling stars
keeps us apart

5. Magdalena Dale

Moment by moment
pendulum ticks the tempo
of a melody;
we are unwilling dancers
in an anonymous whirl

6. Florentina–Loredana Dănilă

Two dark peaks
and our loneliness
in the twilight—
like it wouldn’t be enough
that another year has gone

7. Emilia Dumitrescu

golden leaves—
spinning uselessly
in vain
a bell sounds again
the autumn thrill

8. Adina Enăchescu

The Milky Way
sounds under the toes
of sweet angels—
Under full moon clear
all the waters slept

9. Vali Iancu

Murky sky
the high wind tears
roots and branches
In the ambulance
the first cry of life.

10. Clelia Ifrim

Birds on silk
Painted by hand—
A way to the blue south.
With it I’ll gather sea things
And the waters of home.

11. Dumitru D. Ifrim

Around me
so much quietness . . .
a carp lost in the waves
drags the fishing line
in the middle of the river

12. Manuela Miga

For your birthday
I have nothing to offer you.
Maybe, later on,
you will be told I wrote
a few love poems.

13. Vasile Moldovan

serene twilight:
through the latticed window
of the old prison,
I watch with corners of my eye
the departure of the cranes

14. Radu Patrichi

In the holiday village
the autumn tempest
throws down two poplar trees—
the people
don’t pass the test, either.

15. Paula Romanescu

Cranes in the sky
and a dark wind in
the leafless groves
I passed under the world sky
shadow among the words

16. Dumitru Roșu

On Nippon border
flies a Phoenix bird – Haiku,
now saved from the fire;
like a violin
my reborn soul is singing

17. Ana Ruse

It withers
the carnation received but
still the separation.
How many trains pass through the station
without you.

18. Cristina Rusu

pieces of rays
the moon gathering silence
from dream grass—
in the heart of the forest
a lost baby deer

19. Vasile Smărăndescu

water in the well
with my palm I skim the pail
to catch stars one by one—
when in the night you visit
I scatter them before you

20. Mircea Teculescu

the ivy climbs
on my grandparents cross
somewhere in the field—
kindled candles
shadows come to life

21. Ștefan Gh. Theodoru

A breath of wind—
some flowers dancing a waltz
bent their stems.
Two butterfly met
on the same rose

22. Maria Tirenescu

Autumn dusk
The full moon watching
through the maple tree
Alone at the window
I remember your face

23. Eduard Țara

In deep silence
a distinguished violin
at the flea market—
the seller arranging
the strings in the lily’s shadow

24. Florin Vasiliu

Night volcano
Spouts autumn whispers
In a soft solfeggio—
A field of crazy crickets
Splits the cosmos without teeth

25. Laura Văceanu

Country night
Turkeys and chickens
Doze in the acacia—
The moon has his place
Among the sour cherries

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