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Mosquito vs. fly
essay [ ]
the metamorphosis of existential dilemma

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by [Lory ]

2005-01-26  |     | 

Once upon a time , the Earth was empty and unpopulated , the aliens were still young and the Milky Way had just some little , tiny planets .
In those moments of the history of being , God started to get bored of a world of angels , a perfect world where harps were vibrating in the soft hands of angels , a world where the only scatter-brain was Saint Peter that were a little senile... One day , God was standing with his cheeks in his hands , looking in the skys , frowing and bored ; he decided to create the ... MAN !! " Well , well , well ! First I need to create a space of living for him ... "
In the 1st day , God sais : " Turn on the light !! " or "Let it be light !! " , something like that . Anyway , the Sun and the the Moon were forced to leave the internet-relay-chat and come to stay a while in the sky . God didn`t want to let them use the computer anymore , and no phones too ; that`s why since moment the Sun and the Moon never saw them eachother .
In 2nd day he created the land and the waters , and so on , until the 5th day . "Now it`s the great moment... " said God . Before this , god stood a moment and thought about a scene that would be a pretty nice and available for all generations , a kind of " The young and the restless " . So he took sand in his hands , inhaled a big breath of life in his lungs and blowed above the sand . Adam borned in that way , marking the start of human history ..... !! .. but that`s not important . The point is that , when God blowed , he did it too hard ( a little ) and two tiny wires of sand flu in the sky . One becamed mosquito , and the other - fly . Adam was alone and God decided to create from him a women named Eva . Taking a rib from Adam`s chest , God created the beautiful Eva and adviced them ( actually , ordered them ) to populate the entire Earth . How..? .. their problem ( :D ), but what I know is that they had a very hard job ... The only interdiction was The Hell`s Apple . Obviously , Eva ate and scruelled up with the Heaven . Well , you see , the mosquito`s wife sucked Eva`s blood and received in this way the sin . The fly`s wife had bad-luck : she feeded too from the apple , to satisfy her greedy.
Here we go again , in Informatich Erra . I still can`t decide which one is more irritating : the fky , with his noise , or the mosquito - with his prick that provocs itching .
Maybe I`ll find the answer when the Moon and the Sun will be able again to join internet-relay-chat .
note : If someone knows , I am waiting for possible answers at [email protected] :)

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poezii poezii poezii poezii poezii poezii
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