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Darkness Divine
poetry [ ]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [Diesel ]

2012-08-09  |     | 

Hunger, starving for the light
And only darkness embraces us tight
I can but guess that you're there
From this new nights dream i wake in despair.
The shapes run behind me, without even a sound
They move at their will, they scream all around
I sit there and wonder how it would be
If a new dawn were to shine upon me.
I'm being dragged away from it all
My voice is a whisper in this large empty hall.
I think of your face but all I can see,
Is a pair of strange arms rapped around me.
Powerless and empty, enraged and annoyed,
I struggle to get free but I can't on my own.
Just when I gave up I thought I did see,
Two beautiful hands rising above me
They grab me with great, titan like grips
They pull me upwards from the abyss.
What game is this, how can I see
The face that sent those hands to save me.
And so I am carried out from this pit
I'm seeing the light, i'm feeling the drip
As water is dripping on to my face
I gaze up searching, searching for grace.
And when our eyes meet, I stand there perplexed
You're the exact same witch that got me hexed.
All that time spent there below
Almost forgetting how much I do owe
You've earned my vengeance, my hate and my all
You gave me only grief, sorrow and hope.
Never again did I think I would see
That exact pair of eyes fixed upon me.
You lift me higher, higher , so high ...
I can't see the trees, the houses , just sky.
Right now I am floating, I feel so free
But why is the ground catching up to me ?
It's all so clear now, i'm beginning to see
This was all another try to get rid of me.
I hit the ground violently, my body sighs deep
Another surprise, I'm fast on my feet.
Though you keep trying I will not bow
I'll never surrender as long as I know
Sooner or later I will again be free ,
And then you won't be able to keep on mocking me.

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poezii poezii poezii poezii poezii poezii
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