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Motoc Lavinia[motzoaca]

 in ziua in care ai tot nu ai nimic
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City of Residence: heathfield
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God save the sellotape Text recommended by :
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PET exam :
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where do people hide their electricity :
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a drawing :
Personals 2012-03-18 (1673 hits)

the mirror that wanted to steal our family :
Poetry 2011-12-10 (1546 hits)

SJ design :
Poetry 2011-10-29 (1239 hits)

the Atlantic and the in- law :
Poetry 2011-10-23 (1359 hits)

an important job :
Personals 2011-10-15 (1206 hits)

the song of sex :
Poetry 2011-10-05 (1555 hits)

blood stain Text recommended by :
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Dior tie :
Poetry 2011-07-20 (1345 hits)

The three days of snow Text recommended by :
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Simone Text recommended by :
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An extra- ordinary family Text recommended by :
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not ready :
Poetry 2004-10-21 (2501 hits)

Across :
Poetry 2004-10-19 (2525 hits)

is it just me? : woman at work
Poetry 2004-09-28 (2208 hits)

another :
Poetry 2004-03-18 (2109 hits)

leaving GF :
Poetry 2004-03-09 (1987 hits)

my Ami : to Miami(ehee)
Poetry 2004-03-07 (2088 hits)

Greenlawn : to my special listener
Prose 2004-02-20 (2175 hits)

to santa with love : inspired by darby
Poetry 2004-03-09 (1991 hits)

My Sundays : afterwards
Poetry 2003-12-03 (2161 hits)

A cotton flower poem with no body to die : to my dolphin
Poetry 2003-12-02 (2435 hits)

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a pass


do I hear a cello?

the two minutes of today

is there more?


minimalistic to the bone

an opinion

hello there

quite a perfomance, your reading it

daggering on...

short and sweet

' Praise of the Leopard'

hey there

off tangent and other circle theorems

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Biography Motoc Lavinia

Am debutat cu cateva poeme in Ceaiul de la ora cinci, cu ceva ani in urma, insa activez literar abia din 2002, cu ajutorul sitului Am mai publicat poezie si proza in paginile ziarului Ziua literara si in Atheneum. Desi nu am publicat nici un volum, cateva poeme personale sunt incluse intr-una din antologiile colective publicate de comunitatea Am castigat un premiu I de creatie literara la Bacau.
Poezia este pana la urma un fel de ' acasa' pentru cei care nu isi mai gasesc locul. Sau este ceea ce vrea poetul sa fie.

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